Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On a bruised apple

While Louis Gray and Robert Scoble are debating the relative merits of iPhones vs. Android phones (see previous post), there's a lot of discussion about Consumer Reports' refusal to recommend the iPhone 4 because of antenna problems. (See Jesse Stay's views on the matter.) But whether you're talking about Apple's reaction to the iPhone 4 antenna discussion, or Steve Jobs' attitude toward porn, or the merits and demerits of the Gizmodo police raid, it's clear that an image of Apple is emerging in some quarters...and it's not a pretty image.

For example, take the memo that eSarcasm magically found: a memo from Apple's Tim Cook. Before I quote from the memo, let me present eSarcasm's standard disclaimer:

The story you're about to read is not (entirely) true. It is, however, more accurate than most things on network television.

With that, let's look at the memo. The memo that Dan Tynan - I mean Tim Cook wrote is so funny because it reflects what a lot of people are thinking. Excerpts:

* There is no problem with the iPhone 4′s antenna. There is no problem with the iPhone 4′s antenna. There is no problem with the iPhone 4′s antenna. Are we all clear on that?

* Remember, at Apple we do not “hold press conferences,” we “host special events.” Anyone caught using the phrase “press conference” will find themselves interviewing over at Bebo.

* If any reporters manage to penetrate our anti-journalist shields and ask about alleged problems with the iPhone 4′s reception, please refer them directly to Randall Stephenson at AT&T. You know the drill.

More here.
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