Saturday, July 17, 2010

(singing) Barbecue sauce...with some chips and salsa!

A handy tip from AndroidGuys - some Chili's locations have a special Foursquare promotion.

Participating locations are now offering up free Chips & Salsa when guests check in using Foursquare.

Then again, the Consumerist is not impressed:

I've dined on Chili's chips and salsa many times and can wholly vouch that they are totally worth the Foursquare-discounted price of free.

Let's forget for a moment that just about every other restaurant that offers chips and salsa does so gratis without making you annoy your friends with a status update. Bravo, Chili's.

Coupon clippers will tell you that the key to intelligently using coupons is to only use them to buy products that you would buy WITHOUT the coupon. So if you have a hankering for chips and salsa, AND if you want to get it from Chili's, AND if you're a Foursquare member (over 6 billion people aren't)...have at it.
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