Friday, July 16, 2010

Three hours until The Revision

The Apple press conference regarding the iPhone4 - the Revision - is now three hours away.

I may or may not catch the news when it happens, but since I've been relying on eSarcasm for my coverage, I suggest that you do so also. They already have the scoop.

Sources close to Apple have confirmed the company is working feverishly on an external, head-mounted antenna – dubbed the “Mantenna”....

More here.

Now if you doubt that eSarcasm has the story right, you probably won't get the real answer at 10:00 PDT on the dot. You see, I'm sure that Jim Gray is one of the invited journalists to the event, and he has to get through several minutes of questions first, including questions about Steve Jobs' liver, Steve Wozniak's dancing, and Tim Cook's beer-making brother Jim. (Embarrassed silence.)

On a more serious note, Dave Winer has provided some perspective on this:

I've been lucky to be in the middle of a number of Internet shitstorms in my life. They've been absolutely surreal, unfair, cruel. No one will listen to your side of the story. People you thought were friends join the pile-on. Etc etc. And then it passes, and eventually you go back to life as it was.

Winer then states that our perception of Apple is changing. I'm not sure if this is truly the moment when it is changing - "Lemmings" didn't go over that well - but Winer's been in the public eye longer than I have so he might be right.

I think what we're seeing is Apple's charm wearing off. The Reality Distortion Field bubble is about to burst. Their run as the Exceptional Company is about to end. And they're going to be the last ones to figure it out. And it's going to be the ugliest shitstorm you've ever seen.
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