Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is not an example of good relations with co-workers

OK, this is sourced from the Associated Press, so I have to quote very carefully.


The entire story, found here, notes that a female theme park worker, who happened to be dressed as Porky Pig at the time, was punched by two off-duty co-workers.

No motive was given in the Associated Press article. Neither was a motive given in the Lake County News-Sun, but they did provide additional details.

Taras Sikalchuk, 20, and Dmytro Petrychenko, 19, both of Waukegan, were fired after the incident, with all park privileges revoked, according to Great America spokeswoman Meredith Kelleher.

The park abides by a guest code of conduct, which the two "clearly violated," she said Wednesday.

I strongly encourage you to go here and read the rest of the article. And buy stuff from their advertisers, unless the Appropriated Mess advertises with them.

And while you're at it, turn to your fellow co-workers and be thankful that you have them. Assuming, of course, that your fellow co-workers don't beat you up while you're working.
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