Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm not the only badge geek

I forget when it was or what it was - it may have been an InterVarsity weekend that I attended during college - but at the end of the weekend, I was recognized for being the only person still wearing a name tag.

For most of my life (although I've fallen off in recent weeks), I've been a notorious badge geek, wearing my badge at all times. It's probably because I think that because I'm so terrible with names, everyone else will probably forget my name also.

But while reading a New York Times story on Politico, I discovered that the people at Politico are badge geeks also.

Politico management seems to be trying to soften some of its rough edges. Employees recently received an e-mail message informing them that they had been entered in a drawing to win an iPad. The catch: they would all be required to wear a name tag for a day in the spirit of fostering friendly workplace conversation.

Of course, if Politico had given away a iPhone4 without a bumper, friendly workplace conversation might have been interrupted occasionally.
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