Saturday, December 31, 2011

In which I write a year-end post

You probably figured this out already, but all of these 5:00 am posts are written in advance. And now is the time for me to write the 5:00 am post for December 31, which is obviously a good time to look at how the Empoprise-BI business blog did over the 2011 calendar year.

The blog pretty much went at its own pace throughout the year, with three reading spikes on March 8 (for our favorite high-priced gasoline salesman), June 28 (for our favorite malware), and August 4 (for Reddit-fueled visits to a 2009 post on trademarks).

Of course, as a writer, my own favorite posts are not necessarily the ones that got the most reads.

Take my New-Fields post from January 11. Thankfully, they've given up on inviting me to every conference imaginable. Or perhaps they went out of business.

One company that hasn't gone out of business is Foursquare, subject of my January 15 post, but since I am still without a smartphone, and since (as far as I know) they still haven't changed their mayorship rules, there's still no point in me playing. Still.

One post which was of personal interest to me was my March 3 revisit of my job status. We have new proposals software (from the new merged company), we've won some more deals, and Alex Scoble got a job.

In April, I wrote an obituary to the typewriter. If you don't know what a typewriter is, read the post.

To keep my tech cred, I wrote an April post about Zynga. But then again, I also wrote about vampire movies. Or multinationals. Or something.

People in Los Angeles, and nowhere else, may have appreciated my July 14 Carmageddongate post. Luckily, there was no scandal, other than the scandal of all of us staying off the freeway and depriving local television reporters of gruesome coverage.

Continuing to write for old people, I talked about Mita in August.

One of my better business posts during the year was my September 30 post on the symbolic one dollar annual salary.

And I launched a series of "there's a world outside of the United States" posts with my October 29 Thoughts on Zed.

I wrote a lot about the National Basketball Association lockout, culminating in this November 15 post in which I wondered if the union's "disclaimer of interest" move would lead to replacement players. Eleven days later, I had to admit that I was wrong (unless you consider Lamar Odom in Dallas a "replacement player").

And this month, I revisited the topic of "marketing free," which I first blogged about in 2005.

Of course, with over 400 Empoprise-BI business blog posts in 2011, it all becomes a blur, but all in all it's a satisfying blur.

We'll see what happens in 2012.
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