Friday, December 23, 2011

What's in YOUR dynamic map?

Because of the industry in which I work, I spend a lot of time visiting various law enforcement websites. The local agency websites provide information on the agency itself, its command structure, and the services the agency provides.

One such local agency website included a map of the local agency headquarters, created using a popular search engine. However, rather than mapping the street address of the headquarters, the map was coded to look in a specific geographical area, and then search for the term "police."

At the time that I clicked on the link to the map, the link provided information on TWO locations.

One was the agency headquarters.

The other was to a local gentlemen's club offering private dances. (This location made the search results because of an altercation that occurred at the establishment.)

This serves as a reminder that online information is often dynamic, and just search your search returns a particular set of results today, the same search tomorrow may provide results which were not intended.
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