Monday, December 26, 2011

First impressions of the Steve Jobs biography

I received the Steve Jobs biography as a birthday gift from my mom.

I read the first part of the biography this evening. Since I'm still getting over a cold, I didn't have a prolonged reading session - I've only gotten to the beginning of the Mike Scott era.

Which means that I've already read the Reed College section. While most people wouldn't care, I kind of wished that the Reed section had more detail. Much of the stuff was taken from the Stanford commencement speech (which I wrote about several years ago), and the only professor mentioned by name was Jack Dudman (who was still at Reed when I arrived, but who departed from his Dean of Students role a few years later).

The other part of the biography that really interests me is coming up - the Sculley era. This interests me because I've read two other accounts of it - one from Guy Kawasaki, and one from Sculley himself - and because I lived it, from the distance, while working for a Macintosh developer in the mid-1980s.

After this I'd like to read a Bill Gates authorized biography, but in Gates' case, the second part of the book is still being written.
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