Thursday, December 29, 2011

In which I repeatedly ignore the advice of statsie

I just did a Google search to see where the term "Empoprise-BI" (the name of this blog) is being mentioned. I ran across the usual suspects - FriendFeed, Technorati, Alexa, et al - and also ran across several with which I was unfamiliar.

One of these sites was a statsie page that provides an analysis of the Empoprise-BI blog page. I was reading through the categories, such as the estimated price of the blog ($141, lower than some other estimates I have seen), when I got to the "outbound links" category.

It begins with an explanation:

Outbound links information for - If a site has a lot of outbound links (these are links from the site to third-party sites) it is not good for the site reputation, and also it can be an indicator that the site is selling link ads. These practices are a good reason for search engines to penalize the sites for manipulating the results.

Then statsie delivers its verdict:

We found 68 outbound links to, but we show only 30 of them (0 with nofollow relation).

Our opinion is that has too many outer links. Our advice to webmasters is to decrease number of this urls.

I then looked at the links that were displayed at the time I was viewing the statsie page. Some of these were to major news sites, such as the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, the New York Times, and CBS News. Others were to major businesses, such as Amazon and Apple. And there were links to my three other blogs (yes, the ones that share the Google Analytics account).

And no, none of those websites are paying me to link to them.

And if you note all the links in this post, you can see how seriously I'm taking statsie's advice.
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