Monday, December 5, 2011

Rural Chinese and the Wedding Computer

I found this nugget buried at the end of a FastCompany article on Lenovo. Among other things, the article talks about Lenovo stores, which are kind of like Apple Stores except (a) there are a lot more of them, and (b) you can find them in rural areas.

The majority of Lenovo's Chinese outlets are in rural areas, poised to sell computers to the millions who have never owned them. Today it's their first PC, tomorrow their first tablet or smartphone....The rural stores offer Lenovo's most affordable desktops. Priced at less than $500, they come preloaded with applications to help farmers price their crops and with features such as one-button instant messaging to simplify tasks for first-time computer users.

One of the more popular Lenovo products in rural China is the wedding computer. Rural families will often pool their money to buy a bride and groom their first PC. The wedding computer comes in red, which Chinese consider to be the luckiest color.

But when you give a wedding computer, stay away from mentioning one critical internal component:

Whatever you buy, do not give the couple a FAN as gift since the pronunciation of fan is "san", which means "disperse" in Chinese, thus considered a bad omen...
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