Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why you should never visit the Whole House FM Transmitter website

I thought I had taken care of this recurring, irritating, recurring, irritating, recurring, irritating ad, but I guess I hadn't. Time to set my netbook's phasers to Obliterate.

And apparently at least one person was turned off by the content of the company's ads:

The company website reads too much like a Ronco advertisement to make me comfortable. Is this thing any good?

Of course, different people respond to different types of advertisements. Really old computer ads (and even some ads today) are basically specification sheets. After Apple Computer came on the scene, you had graphic-oriented ads with warm, fuzzy text. And throughout history, we've had the ads that remind you of used car salesmen in loud jackets who've just taken their hourly dose of cough syrup. "WHY WOULD YOU GO ANYWHERE ELSE?!?"

Oh, and if anyone from the Whole House FM Transmitter people sees this post, I found a perfectly acceptable FM transmitter that works fine in my car. Thank you very much. Now go away.
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