Saturday, February 18, 2012

Still more evidence against the Illuminati conspiracy - Google fights Google

I have long maintained that we don't need to worry about the FBI, the CIA, the BBC, B.B. King, Doris Day, Matt Busby, and everyone else entering all of your personal information into a secret Freemason-controlled computer in Brussels. The truth is that organizations don't want to cooperate with each other, because people in the FBI think that people in the CIA are bozos, and vice versa.

In fact, people in the FBI think that people in the other departments in the FBI are bozos.

Consider Google. If you believe some people, everyone in Google is intent on world domination, and they are all working together to expose all your data and enslave you.

Incidentally, if any of the text in the preceding three paragraphs seems familiar, it's because I copied it all verbatim from a post that I wrote on January 4, More evidence against the Illuminati conspiracy - Google punishes Google. My January 4 post described how Google reduced the PageRank value of its own Google Chrome home page. Then it descended into wild conspiracy theories (yes, Dick Cheney's old bunker was mentioned).

Which brings us to Apple. I haven't really had any observations about the latest tempest in a teapot, in which Google was bypassing the security settings of Apple's Safari browser. But then something in CNET caught my eye. (H/T Shawn Rossi.)

While one Google team was taking advantage of a little-known backdoor that could change the default Safari setting, the Google Chrome team was working to get Apple to close the backdoor--apparently with neither team having knowledge of the other's actions. Engineers for Chrome notified Apple about seven months ago that the loophole was there, although it remains open.

Yes, at the same time the Google Chrome team was being evil by using questionable methods to increase its PageRank, that same Google Chrome team was not being evil by warning Apple about the backdoor in Safari.

Not only is Google being inconsistent in its "don't be evil" policy, individual Google units are being inconsistent - sometimes being evil, sometimes not being evil.

Oh well. Even Darth Vader demonstrated a lack of consistency. Hmmm...what exactly DID Cheney do after Gerald Ford lost his re-election bid? Was he writing a screenplay?
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