Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Your non-profit mission, should you choose to accept it...

I don't know if my friend Jim Ulvog has heard about Chris Brogan's newest initiative, 501 Mission Place. I read about it:

Like so many of the organizations that we lead, 501 Mission Place started as a conversation between friends. Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works, and childhood friend Rob Hatch, then Executive Director of Child Health Center, were talking about the challenges of being someone who lives, eats and breathes mission. It’s easy to become isolated because there’s always so much work to do. Because there’s always so much work to do it’s hard to take time to learn about new things, or to network and find the connections that can really push your mission forward.

Rob knew this because he was living it. Chris knew it because non-profit leaders were telling him every time they asked him for advice or help. That conversation ended with the idea of creating an online community to support these leaders....

This online community is a membership community, offering the following:

You become a critical part of 501 Mission Place precisely because of the unique expertise and experience you offer others.

And your peers have critical expertise and experience that you need.

501 Mission Place allows everyone to find these missing pieces through networked collaboration and mentorship opportunities.

Offerings include webinars, live Q&A calls, live coaching calls, written material, and forums.

If this is up your alley, membership details and fees are here.
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