Friday, November 5, 2010

Just one little last-minute change (and praise for Holly Ryan, Responsibility-Taker)

Last-minute changes sometimes have negative ramifications. For example, there was the time that I was editing a Word document and added a page break. I printed the document and was just about ready to send it out when a co-worker discovered that the extra page that I added included a header that did NOT relate to the document at hand.

Or there's this example that I found, as told by someone from Bruegger's Bagels:

We tweeked the email blast to include a link to our Catering Menu. In doing so, we overrode previous settings that would have had the email only go to Cedar Rapids guests.

The result is that everyone was informed of a Bruegger's Bagels opening in Cedar Rapids, Iowa - even people who lived in Massachusetts.

And no, geospatial analysis was not necessary to correct this error.

Oh, and since I'm now into naming heroes and stuff like that, let's hear it for Holly Ryan, Responsibility-Taker. According to this press release, her actual title is Director of Social Marketing. But Responsibility-Taker sounds good also.
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