Wednesday, November 10, 2010

(empo-plaaybizz) RunKeeper can be a WalkKeeper

Over the weekend, Loic LeMeur shared the link to his RunKeeper profile, in advance of his run in the New York Marathon. RunKeeper allows you to document your runs in preparation for a marathon, and also has badges that you can earn as you make progress. (Doesn't everyone have badges? I bet you that the online bank that Alex Payne joined has badges also.)

After looking at Loic's profile, I immediately thought of a former co-worker who is also a runner. I shared the RunKeeper link with her, and made the following comment (among others):

I don't think I'll be using it myself, but it sounds like it's up your alley.

I am not a runner, so I didn't see how RunKeeper could be used by me.

But then I saw the profile of one of Loic's friends, an Australian with the RunKeeper ID dunanriley. (Some of you may know this person.) And when I saw that profile, I realized that I could use RunKeeper also. Dunanriley, you see, is not a marathoner - he's a walker.

But there was one more obstacle to overcome. Initially, RunKeeper was designed as an app for iPhone and Android users, which pretty much leaves me out in the cold. However, earlier this year, RunKeeper released a new version of its website that now allows dumbphone users like me to manually track their running/walking/whatever.

So I went ahead and joined RunKeeper over the weekend. It let me register as a walker, and it also let me input a couple of my walking routes (and measured the distance of the routes for me). Hopefully RunKeeper will motivate me to actually USE the walking routes more often than I have been lately.
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