Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Perhaps we need more zombies in business

Local blogger (and former candidate) Matt Munson provided his initial analysis of southern California election results, which included the following:

Then, California voters elected a dead woman to be State Senator even though it will result in a costly special election that will mean money Los Angeles County does not have will be drained in order to run the special election this spring. If you are in the South Bay and you are crying that your libraries are being cut or parks are not being maintained as much as you voted for Zombie Senator, it is your own fault.

I was not familiar with Zombie Senator, but the people in Cleveland are (courtesy Los Angeles television station KTLA):

The 28th State Senate District has been won by incumbent Sen. Jenny Oropeza, who died last month, setting the stage for a special election early next year.

Because her death was only two weeks before Tuesday's election, Oropeza's name remained on the ballot.

Oropeza easily won re-election over Republican opponent, John Stammreich, gathering 58% of the vote to his 36%.

Boy, I'd hate to be John Stammreich today.

The article went on to say that a special election will be held in December, at an estimated cost of $2 million.

But I wonder if some small and capital L libertarians, tea partiers, and the like would prefer Zombie Senator Oropeza instead. Let's face it, when government is accused of doing too much, a Zombie Senator seems ideal.

And this doesn't just affect politics. Are you sick of your favorite software package continuously adding new bloated features that you don't need or want? Perhaps the software company should hire Zombie Product Manager.

And if you're complaining that lawyers never let you do anything, perhaps you need to submit proposals to Zombie Legal Review.

Any other ideas on how zombies can get America moving again?
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