Tuesday, November 16, 2010

PPS - Another example of why acronyms are evil

I should have known better.

I'm the one who pretends that I know all about the confusion that acronyms may cause.

And then I go and use one anyway.

I forget where I picked up the habit, but when I add a second postscript to an item (such as a blog post), I don't mark it with "P.S.," but with "P.P.S."

Well that famous, well-read blog "filter bag filter bags filter cloth" linked to one of my recent posts that had a post-postscript. It appears that Mr. or Ms. filter wrote a Google Alert to search for occurrences of "pps," and my post was found by the alert, along with other posts, such as this 2008 technical project bid and this paint and pipe advertisement (from the fine folks in Indiana, India).

I'm not sure what the Google Alerter hoped to find with a "pps" alert, but the searcher is apparently getting much more than he/she bargained for. I don't think that one person would be interested in a "post-postscript," and in PowerPoint 2003 slide shows, AND in a "property painting solution."

It turns out that the acronym PPS has over 100 definitions, ranging from "price per share" (of a stock) to "pet passport system" (yeah, I'd like to see ICAO tell a dog not to smile). And if you use the wrong acronym, you might end up incarcerated in the Philadelphia Prison System.

As for me, I'd prefer to be enjoying Singapore Airlines' Priority Passenger Service. After all, Singapore girl is a GWTF.

Uh, G-what?
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