Saturday, September 4, 2010

Test post - am I networked?

I recently received a request from NetworkedBlogs to confirm that Kol Tregaskes is the author of the Kol Tregaskes Photography Blog.

I had completely forgotten about NetworkedBlogs, although my profile already noted that I'm following A Place to Crash (Posterous link here).

So I figured that I'd inform NetworkedBlogs of the existence of Empoprise-BI. (I may or may not inform NetworkedBlogs of my other three blogs later, depending upon how this works out.)

My biggest hope is that NetworkedBlogs will offer a better way to get blog posts into my Empoprise-BI page on Facebook. Using Facebook's native services, it can sometimes take days for posts to show up there. I'm not sure if this is a Facebook issue, a Google (Feedburner) issue, or something else.

But if I did everything right with my setup, then this post will show up in both my Empoprise-BI Facebook page and in a NetworkedBlogs page called Empoprise-BI.

Let's see what happens. 3...2...1...
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