Sunday, September 19, 2010

#blamecancer for this, um, move

Back in 1991 I was in an auto accident. I was driving in Monterey Park, California when my car was hit from the side. The car ended up flipping over, and my seat belt literally saved my life; without it, my head would have become one gruesome mess. As it was, the only injury that I sustained was when I accidentally swung my fingers into a fan at the office where my car was towed.

That incident was extremely minor in the scheme of things, but it had, and still has, a definite effect on my outlook on life. I can't imagine how I'll deal with the situation if I should ever have a life-threatening illness.

Well, Drew Olanoff HAS face a life-threatening illness, and his life was spared. Many things have resulted from this, including

And now Olanoff has made an announcement:

Mid-October I’m going to do something awesome, I’m going to move to India for 3 months.

I’m taking everything I have, the technology, the social, all of it…and we’re going to hit New Delhi, Mumbai, and beyond.

In response to the question "Why?" Olanoff answered:

Why not.

He also briefly said:

I’ve been through a lot of stuff, and you only live once.

Future coverage is promised on Drew's blog,
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