Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh! This Twitter user will NEVER answer you...because she's dead!

Sometimes it seems like Twitter isn't really meant for conversation. It doesn't really lend itself to conversation like FriendFeed does; Twitter is more like a bar in which you shout things and don't really respond to anyone.

Well, I've found a Twitter account that I can guarantee will never respond to you. Why not? Because the tweeter is dead. But still tweeting.

I found out about this dead tweeter from Forrest @themediadude, who tweeted:

Jackie Kennedy is on Twitter

Yes, even though she's dead, and even though she never heard of Twitter, Jackie is there a-tweeting.

And you'll notice that Forrest referred to her as Jackie Kennedy, not Jackie Onassis. There's a reason for that, according to the link that Forrest shared:

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is using Twitter to re-create Jacqueline Kennedy's weekly glimpses into the life of a presidential candidate's spouse, repurposing the newspaper columns she wrote in 1960. The first tweets, expressing her dismay at not being able to campaign in person, were posted Friday — 50 years to the day that her first syndicated column was published.

Here is one of the tweets from @JBK1960:

"You can imagine how frustrating it is to be in Hyannis Port reading all that he's doing and not participating in any way."

Perhaps it's just me, but I think that the iPhone's fart app is more useful than this particular Twitter account. My first question - what useful goal is served by repurposing these articles in Twitter form? Wow, now we know what the wife of a presidential candidate was writing about fifty years ago.

My second question - what does this have to do with Jackie Kennedy? Let me give you a hint - when the wife of a presidential candidate just happens to start writing a newspaper column in the last two months of the presidential campaign, there's a pretty good chance that she didn't write it, and even if she did, it probably doesn't reflect her true views. Based on her subsequent history of non-extensive campaigning for various Kennedys, I have a feeling that Jackie Kennedy didn't particularly care for the campaign trail as much as her husband did, and she was probably extremely grateful for the excuse to stay away from the hordes of people.

My third question - was Jackie really concerned about all that she was reading about her husband's activities - or was she more concerned about all that she WASN'T reading about her husband's activities? As the conversations about Jeter the cheater have reminded us, public figures in 1960 were not subject to the extensive scrutiny that public figures in 2010 deal with today. Despite being away from his wife, there is a possibility that John didn't feel all that lonely.

But hey, Twitter's the cool thing to use, so let's use it.

Coming up - James Madison tweets from the Constitutional Convention of 1787.
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