Friday, September 17, 2010

Larry Ellison's Sunday #OOW10 keynote will be interesting, for a variety of reasons

I won't be in Moscone North on Sunday night, but I'll definitely keep track of Larry Ellison's keynote that evening. You can follow the conference on Twitter, you know.

Oracle describes the keynote as follows:

Join Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's welcome keynote on Sunday evening, September 19, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m., as he previews Oracle OpenWorld and offers his unique insight into the product innovations that will be revealed and the key announcements that will be made throughout the week.

"This is the biggest, most innovative, and probably most important year in terms of product releases in Oracle's history," Ellison has said.

And it is big. The Sun acquisition has been formally approved by various governments, and Oracle now wants to execute on its latest iteration of the stack, all the way from hardware to applications. I confess that I don't really follow the fusion applications market, but I'm sure that some of those people are salivating right now.

Oracle dutifully mentions the next part of the Sunday night presentation, as follows:

In the same keynote, Oracle President Safra Catz will join HP Executive Vice President Ann Livermore as Livermore addresses how to Leverage IT to Create Business Advantage from Your Datacenter to the Cloud.

But this paragraph is more notable about what it doesn't say. First off, President Charles Phillips is not mentioned, because (as was previously noted in this blog) he has resigned. Second off, it doesn't mention his replacement, former HP head Mark Hurd. Third off, it doesn't mention that Ann Livermore is showing up at Oracle OpenWorld anyway, despite the fact that Oracle and HP have been making threats to each other over item number two (including something that I neglected to mention on this blog - namely, that Hewlett Packard is suing Oracle over its employment of Hurd).

I'm terrible at predictions, but I somewhat suspect that Hurd will not make an appearance at Oracle OpenWorld until later in the week.
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