Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's Saturday, but Sunday's coming - #oow10 roundup with edible stacks

This tweet from Glenn Goodrich (@cabbagee) caught my eye:

97 days until Christmas. 1 day until OOW #OOW10

But Glenn lives in Novato, so he doesn't have to travel from another state, or another country, to get to San Francisco. A lot of people who aren't Oracle ACE Directors (and since there are so few Oracle ACE Directors, that means "a lot of people") are traveling to San Francisco today. (Because I live in the state, I'd usually fly up first thing Sunday morning when I attended Oracle OpenWorld; it gave me an extra day of quiet before the madness.)

As of this morning I haven't seen any #oow10 tweets that explicitly mentioned Oracle Database, but Jeannette L. Browning (@jlbrowning) tweeted a link to an IBM Oracle blog. Yes, Oracle OpenWorld is that weird wacky world of co-opetition in which Oracle, IBM, HP, and others all gather under the same roof. While IBM certainly has an interest in promoting DB2, it also recognizes that it has to support its customers who are using Oracle.

So as all the big players compete on a stack-by-stack basis, I began thinking about stacks of pancakes. I'm not really a pancakes person myself, but I began wondering where one could get a stack of pancakes in the Moscone Center area. I checked Google Maps, and the first suggestion that came up was a sponsored listing for Roots Restaurant at the Orchard Garden Hotel at 466 Bush St, San Francisco CA 94108. However, I was unable to find pancakes on their breakfast menu. I'm not sure whether Roots Restaurant specifically bought the search term "pancakes," or whether they just bought the search term "breakfast" and Google assumed that they had pancakes, or something like them. (They do have a breakfast burrito.)

A better bet is the Americano Restaurant, 8 Mission Street, San Francisco CA 94105, whose breakfast menu (PDF) includes banana pancakes served with pecan butter and Vermont maple syrup.

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Now I'll admit that I haven't ever eaten breakfast at either of those places, but (as I noted in my 2009 OpenWorld/Foursquare post) I would eat breakfast at the Cafe Mason, 320 Mason St., San Francisco CA 94102 (Foursquare page here). However, I never had the pancakes.

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But regardless of where you eat, if you find hardware at the bottom of your pancake stack, send it back - even if you ordered your eggs Sun-ny side up.
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