Thursday, September 2, 2010

Online ads in 1997 vs. online ads today

As previously noted, has entries going all the way back to April 1, 1997. That first entry, by the way, has some links that still work, including this piece by Barry Frankel with a e-mail address.

I love Newspage, but they put the ads at the top of the page. Yuck! Imagine the NY Times or the Mercury selling the top of the page. Tacky. This is where they go in the low end papers.

So where should Internet ads go? Where they go in print! The right hand side or the bottom right corner.

Look at AltaVista.

I'll stop right there. Fast forward thirteen years, and look where the New York Times online site places some of its ads - right at the top of the page.

Maybe I should e-mail Frankel at and ask him what he thinks about this. (Or maybe not.)
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