Thursday, September 9, 2010

Locating the crime (BerlaCorp and Blackthorn2)

When a police officer is examining a crime scene, he or she will obtain various types of evidence. However, either the officer, or someone in the department, needs to know how to analyze the evidence. (Hint: the usual TV show presentation, in which a single detective is expert in every type of forensic analysis, is hogwash.)

So if you plan on committing a crime while using or carrying a GPS device, think again:

Our 3-Day Advanced GPS Forensics Training and Blackthorn2 Certification, is structured to provide attendees with the necessary skills to successfully acquire and analyze information obtained from GPS devices, as well as, prepare attendees to qualify as an expert witness and testify in court. This training will give attendees a basic understanding of the Global Positioning System and the skills necessary to conduct a full forensic examination, produce a final report, and testify on their findings.

This training class is a hands-on course and will allow attendees the opportunity to acquire and analyze automotive, maritime, handheld and aviation GPS devices in a manner consistent with the best practices of handling digital evidence. Each student will be provided with a workstation, multiple GPS devices, and a Blackthorn2 kit for use during the training class. While this is a cradle to grave class, this course is best suited for attendees with prior forensic examination experience.

This course is offered by BerlaCorp, but presumably other companies offer similar training. Of course, the other companies probably won't offer training on Blackthorn2:

Blackthorn2 is the premier GPS forensics acquisition, examination and analysis platform for Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan automotive, maritime, aviation, and hand-held devices.


* Operators in the Field
* Forensic Examiners in the Lab
* Intelligence Analysts

Built for the law enforcement, military and homeland security communities, Blackthorn2 encompasses the requirements of Operators, Examiners and Analysts into a single application, while still providing the inherent and distinctly different capabilities each discipline requires.
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