Saturday, September 11, 2010

My personal problem with Twitter's retweets - let's give Dana Franks proper credit for the Pia Beathe Pedersen story

As Twitter aficionados know, Twitter went its own way when it created its official Twitter retweet capability. In essence, if you retweet something, you don't really create something in your own Twitter feed - you effectively link to the item in the originating Twitter feed. While there are certainly pros to this approach, there are also cons.

My Pia Beathe Pedersen post was inspired by a retweet from Dana Franks. However, when I linked to the retweet, I didn't link to an item in Franks' feed, but to an item in the CBS News Twitter feed. All right and fine, since CBS News created the content, but I may not have heard of it if Dana Franks hadn't found it first.

What if someone were to read my post and think to him/herself, "Self, that Dana Franks finds really good stuff! I ought to follow her!"

Well, this esteemed blogger neglected to provide any way to do so.

So if you want to follow Dana Franks on Twitter, her name is @ariedana. Here's her bio:

# Bio A Brit at heart, a Southerner by birth and a Midwesterner by location. Day job is in TV news. Tweets about TV (when I remember) at @danadoestv.

Be sure to visit her Posterous blog, which was where I found the IKEA "herding cats" video that I mentioned in my "play at work" post.

Now I wonder - was Pia Beathe Pedersen an anomaly, or will her willingness to speak out about NRK cause the other temporaries and staffers at NRK to start running around like crazed cats?
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