Monday, December 15, 2014

Sydney hospitality manager Tori Johnson - some things just aren't taught in school

Tori is a dedicated, committed person who puts everything into making sure the job is done right.
James Makarewicz, recommendation on Tori Johnson's LinkedIn profile

The recommendation was given based upon Johnson's work as the restaurant manager at the Adria Rybar & Grill. He left that position in 2012 to become the store manager at the flagship location of the Lindt Chocolate Café...on Martin Place in Sydney.

Looking over his LinkedIn profile, it appears that Johnson had a number of positions with increasing responsibility. Starting as a hotel porter and valet, he secured more responsible positions in Australia - taking a brief break to come to the United States to get a degree (a bachelor of arts in hospitality business management from Washington State University).

I'm sure that Johnson learned a lot of things in the classroom, and at his various positions. But there's one topic that he probably never came across - what to do when you, your staff, and your customers are confronted by a gunman intent on taking hostages.

At the time I'm writing this, one story has been neither proven nor disproven.

There are unconfirmed reports he wrestled with the gunman in the cafe as other hostages tried to flee.

Johnson died in the final minutes of the hostage situation.
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