Monday, December 1, 2014

I (Heart) ... who, exactly?

Back in the 1970s, Milton Glaser created a famous logo to advertise New York. The logo caught on so much that it has been parodied and has been the subject of trademark infringement lawsuits (3,000 as of 2005). The intent of all of this activity is to make it very clear - the "I [Heart] New York" campaign belongs to New York.


which one?

The work was originally done for the STATE of New York, and if you go to the website, it is very clear that the logo can be used to promote the entire state.

But what if you go to the SWEDISH site,

Those aren't the Catskills, I don't think.

To confuse things further, there's a little fact that many people don't realize - there is a New York COUNTY. (Here is the page for the New York County Clerk.) New York City is unusual inasmuch as it is a single city that has five counties within it. One of those counties, New York County, is the area that we commonly know as Manhattan - and, coincidentally, the place that many people think of when they think of "New York."

So do you love New York County, New York City, or New York State? Or the community in Kentucky? Or perhaps the places outside of the city walls of the City of York in England?

Ah, forget it.

With apologies to Frank Black.
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