Monday, December 22, 2014

Outreach fails when you don't know who's reaching out

This is the nice warm fuzzy time of the year when companies send corporate holiday wishes. For example, I received a holiday message which, in part, read like this.

I have intentionally refrained from posting the name of the company that sent me this holiday message - not that it did me any good when I got the message. Because when I saw the name of the company that sent the message, I asked myself, "Who are they?"

The message basically said that "Company X will be closed on these days. Happy holidays!" It didn't identify what the company did. It didn't even include a link to the company's website, or the address of the company, or anything.

I sat there, looking at the message, and racking my brain to try to remember who this company was, out of the hundreds or thousands of companies that probably have my email address. What does this particular company do? Were they selling insurance? Did they manufacture optical components for fingerprint readers? No idea.

So I decided to perform a web search for the company...and it turns out that the company name is so generic that there are several companies with that same name. Luckily, the email that I received contained the logo of the company, and one of the companies in the search had that same logo.

So now I finally knew who this company was that had wished me holiday greetings.

And I also now knew what the company did.

It was a company that helps you increase your sales - presumably by making sure that your customers know what you can offer to them.

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