Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Perhaps Weiss Law LLP should sue its webmaster

I ran across a press release that said that Weiss Law LLP was beginning a legal investigation into the acquisition of PetSmart, Inc. Weiss Law is specifically concerned about two things:

Notably, the offer price represents a mere 6.8% premium over the Company's December 12, 2014 closing price. Additionally, Longview Asset Management, PETM's second largest shareholder, has committed to voting in favor of the acquisition while simultaneously participating in the consortium.

So I went to Weiss Law LLP's website, http://www.weisslawllp.com/, to find out more. The top of the website includes links to a number of areas of interest, ranging from cases to FAQs.

I tried the "Cases" link...and got an error.

I tried every other link...and got an error.

Then I poked around and realized that the link buttons directed people to very specific addresses - for example, the "Cases" link goes to When I manually typed in http://www.weisslawllp.com/case/c/ongoing, I was fine.

It looks like Weiss Law LLP should sue its webmaster for improper link coding.
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