Thursday, December 4, 2014

Silicon Valley is Devoid of Reason - or, if this Yaser Abdel Said ad is correct, Silicon Valley CAN replace the government

As I've noted before, there is a small group of people in Silicon Valley who believe that governments are irrelevant, and that the wise ones of the Valley can do things much better than governments can.

Based on something that I saw today, either these visionaries are correct, or the famed technology just made a very big blunder.

Earlier today, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation added Yaser Abel Said to its well-known Top Ten List of fugitives. Said is accused of murdering his two teenage daughters in 2008.

While searching for information on Said and his alleged crime, I encountered this advertisement on the search page.

Heck, law enforcement has been looking for this guy for years, and a web company knew where he was all along?

Obviously, this is an example of unintended consequences. Both the advertising firm and the advertiser figured that if someone were using a search engine to get information on "John Doe," it would be a wonderful idea to let the searcher know that the advertiser could provide information on anyone - including "John Doe."

What could go wrong?
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