Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Google will NOT need Amazon's air force to wage war

A recap for those of you who have missed recent developments:

First, as I noted early yesterday morning, the tech industry is gathering up military strength, with Amazon acquiring a drone-based air force, and Google acquiring (literally) a robot-based army as well as a barge navy.

However, by the afternoon, I began wondering if the tech world was all that unified. For example, Google and Oracle hold differing opinions on the activities of the U.S. National Security Agency. What would happen if Google's barge-based navy fought Oracle's yacht-based navy?

Today, via Shawn Rossi, I have uncovered further evidence that one of the tech companies may be preparing to go it alone in its military development. I've already noted that Google has an army and a navy; now, according to Fast Company, Google has acquired an air force base.

But Google may get to experience every Fortune 500 company's wildest travel dream next month: A $82 million jet center dedicated to executives' private planes.

In January, groundbreaking is expected to take place on a 29-acre facility featuring approximately 270,000 square feet of hangar space. The huge swath of space will effectively become a separate airport for Google executives and other tech muckety-mucks....

The facility itself is being carved out of San Jose's airport, and the Google folks will pay the airport handsomely.

It's uncertain how long it will take for the airport to be developed, and more importantly, how long it will take for Google to develop driverless plane technology to launch an assault on Amazon's Seattle headquarters...or at various military facilities of the United States of America.
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