Monday, December 16, 2013

Or perhaps the tech world is creating MULTIPLE armies - time for a business war?

In an earlier post, Our future tech overlords are forming a government - with a military, I looked at Google's and Amazon's recent moves at militarization and speculated that the tech industry, as a unified whole, may be about to overthrow our inefficient governments and replace them with a tech government. The (robot) army and navy would be provided by Google, and the robot air force would be provided by Amazon.

However, I should have realized that businesses don't always work in unison - something that Tom Foremski has pointed out.

Last week, Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, AOL, and Microsoft signed a letter critical of the NSA and bulk data collection....

It shows the divide in the US tech industry, missing are IBM, Cisco, Intel, Dell, Oracle, and many other tech giants. It's precisely these companies that have massive contracts with US government agencies.

So it doesn't appear that the tech industry will unite and form a single military.

It appears that something much scarier is about to happen - military competition between the techies. For example, Google's barges may have to battle Oracle's yachts for supremacy in San Francisco Bay.

Often people in business talk about "war." What's going to happen when real war breaks out?
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