Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Internet algorithms are not perfect, the December 27 edition

As a publicly traded company, Twitter has a laser focus on getting it right. This website, like all other websites, desires you to spend 24 hours a day at this site and at no other site. Therefore, Twitter uses scientific analysis to look at the people you choose to follow, and find similar people that will interest you.


For those who may not be familiar with Kanye West Puppet, he is another of Loren Feldman's creations, employed as a commentary on the idiocy of segments of the modern music industry.

For those who may not be familiar with Bank of America, it's a big bank. But they care because their social media experts told them to say that they care.

Kanye West Puppet is to Bank of America like Phil Robertson is to West Hollywood.

Unfortunately, I could not get a full picture of the entire suggestion, but it turns out that the reference to the Bank of America account is "promoted." This means that Bank of America has given Twitter gobs of money to advertise its Twitter account to everyone, regardless of whether the recipient of the ad is even interested.

In other words, it's old "push to everyone" advertising, like the three networks did before the real Kanye West was even born.

Twitter has collected tons of data on me, and on everyone else who views the Kanye West Puppet account...and they still make their money by ignoring all of this big data that they're collecting.

This is progress.
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