Sunday, December 29, 2013

Black Monday has nothing to do with Wall Street - well, maybe not

Not too long ago, everyone understood that Black Monday referred to a particular stock market crash. But today, many people understand the term as applying to the day after the end of the National Football League regular season. Specifically, it references coaches who will be fired on that day.

According to the latest reports, New York City's (well, New Jersey's) two head coaches are safe, despite less than stellar seasons. Rex Ryan will get another season, and Tom Coughlin has done too much for the New York Giants to be fired.

However, the team that Coughlin beat today - my Washington Redskins - appears certain to be ready to fire its head coach, Mike Shanahan. Even before that final loss, reports of Shanahan's imminent firing were circulating.

One person with knowledge of the matter said Sunday that Shanahan “definitely” will be dismissed and the only question is whether the move will come Sunday night or Monday.

Another person with ties to the organization said Saturday night the move was certain and is expected to come Monday.

Most football teams are run by individual owners with various eccentricities, and the Redskins are certainly no exception. One would think that even Dan Snyder, however, would wait until the day after the end of the season to lower the boom. But we'll see.
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