Monday, June 10, 2013

I was wrong, yet again - UWUA Local 246 has a supporter in Jerry Pournelle

I love my Jim Bakker "I was wrong" moments. I really do. They effectively double my blog output.

My most recent Jim Bakker moment - well, the most recent one that I know about - can be found in the title of my recent post, Everyone supports the shutdown of San Onofre - well, except for 1,100 members of UWUA Local 246.

I really have to watch out about using that word "everyone."

But in my defense, I wrote my post on June 7 - Jerry Pournelle didn't write his post until June 8.

Here are two brief excerpts:

Southern California Edison has given in to the regulators and the anti-Nuke demonstrator[s], and will permanently close the San Onofre nuclear power plant, leaving the regulators free to pounce on the rest of the nuclear power industry. The result will be more CO2 added to the atmosphere....

And meanwhile the No Nukes! crowd headed by people of the sort who like to tell the press that “The only physics I ever took was Ex-Lax, yuk, yuk” kept the pressure on, the regulators multiplied as Parkinson’s Law and my Iron Law predict, and the terror propaganda escalated. After Fukushima it reached a crescendo, and a tiny minor leak in the steam generation side of San Onofre put a just measurable quantity of Tritium into the building. Tritium has been used to make fishing lures glow, as well as for gun sights, and the amount released was in the order of the amount in those devices, but the media immediately feigned fear of a new Fukushima disaster right there near Mission San Juan Capistrano (actually it is many miles away from Capistrano) and the plant was shut down....

Incidentally, the San Onofre shutdown was the first of two nightmares Pournelle described in his post. The other was PRISM. Read his post. And for a less authoritative view, read mine.
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