Wednesday, June 19, 2013

At least George Zimmer will be well dressed for his job interviews

Apparently George Zimmer is no Dave Thomas. Thomas was valued by his company, Wendy's, until his death. Men's Wearhouse has just fired Zimmer as its Executive Chairman:

[I]n a surprise move Wednesday, the company put off its annual shareholders meeting and gave Mr. Zimmer the boot, The Associated Press reported. Company officials didn’t say why, but the move was particularly shocking, given the firm’s first-quarter report, which showed a 23 percent increase in profit.

Presumably this means that the company is currently being run by Vice Chairman David H. Edwab.

Or perhaps a leading role has been given to board member Deepak Chopra.

Yeah, Deepak Chopra.

So I guess if you think you like the way you look, you look great.

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