Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Acronym confusion could be bad, but name confusion can be much worse

I've previously talked about how an acronym can be confusing if two people interpret the acronym differently.

But the same thing can happen with names.

Now I have to tread carefully here because this is a family publication, but let's just say that an altercation ensued between 60 year old Barbara Hall and her 45 year old boyfriend - and it was all due to name confusion.

The boyfriend had brought some olive oil from the kitchen to another room in the house (for a non-cooking purpose), and Hall, thinking of a particular brand of cooking spray, asked her boyfriend if he had also brought the PAM from the kitchen.

Unfortunately, mention of "Pam" reminded the boyfriend of something, and he volunteered that he had enjoyed the company of a woman named Pam while he and Hall were "broke up" for a time.

Hall then came up with a novel new use for the olive oil that her boyfriend had brought to her. She threw the bottle at his head.

Will Greenlee, who described the incident and the subsequent arrest of Hall for battery, offered the following comment on the olive oil:

The report didn't state whether the olive oil was virgin or extra virgin.
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