Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Safra Catz acting CFO at Oracle after Jeff Epstein's departure

IT Pro Portal reports that Oracle's CFO, Jeff Epstein, has stepped down. According to Michael Ide, former CFO Safra Catz has stepped in to fill the role:

"Safra already has the long-standing confidence of our employees, our board and our shareholders," Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison said in a statement. "There is no more logical choice for CFO."

A Wall Street Journal article made two points. First, Epstein reported to Catz, who had experience as CFO (as acting CFO before Epstein's arrival, she had more experience than anyone in the job in the post-Jeff Henley era). Second, Mark Hurd's arrival may have taken some duties away from Epstein. Granted that this is all speculation, but it could be a possible explanation.

H/T Lisa Wilkes, whom I learned of after she retweeted Eddie Awad.
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