Friday, April 22, 2011

New-Fields may be persistent, but they're not as gross as Pixel Ammo

Yes, I'm still getting e-mail from New-Fields (see my December and January posts). But the phone calls have (mostly) ceased - perhaps my FTC complaint helped in that regard.

When New-Fields originally started to e-mail me, they would send large multi-megabyte PDF attachments with their e-mails. Luckily for me, the latest e-mail messages include more modest attachments.

But some people haven't learned that big attachments are not the best way to sell your product. Pity the fool who thought that this would be the best way to sell to Louis Gray:

Guess What?! I am not covering your "Waxing Salon" app. BTW, thanks for the 8.8 MB worth of PDFs and video.

Gray also posted a screen shot of part of the stuff that was mailed to him. The e-mail, from Pixel Ammo, describes a game called "Crazy Waxing." And they're not talking about cars:

You play as a waxing salon owner filled to the brim with customers who want a beautiful tan line. Wax away to see what's under that unsightly patch of hair.

And if you're a civil libertarian, you'll be happy to know that Apple approved this app. Presumably Pixel Ammo didn't e-mail their request to Steve Jobs.

This is Pixel Ammo's second game, by the way. Their first, FluOrama, allows the player to prevent a deadly bacteria outbreak.

You'll notice that they didn't say "virus" - if reviewers were to get 9 megabyte e-mails talking about a virus, NO ONE would review Pixel Ammo's apps.

Their next game, by the way, is a simple UFO abduction game. I'm not sure when the herpes and botulism games will be released...
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