Monday, April 18, 2011

How to cancel AT&T's "caps-coming" service, courtesy Paul O'Flaherty

Steven Hodson shared a link to a Paul O'Flaherty blog post that could be of interest to AT&T users who are not pleased that AT&T has introduced service caps. O'Flaherty begins:

I recently spent a lot of time explaining to an AT&T rep and even longer explaining to her supervisor (who frankly didn’t want to hear it), that because AT&T are imposing caps on their DSL service we should be able to cancel our service without incurring any early termination fees.

Read O'Flaherty's post to find out what happened next (the acronym "BBB" is mentioned), but in the end O'Flaherty received a call from Marian Hall of AT&T's Office of the President. Hall stated that he would be able to cancel his service.

O'Flaherty concludes:

Anyway, for those of you who are AT&T DSL / U-Verse subscribers looking to switch to another broadband provider, just make sure you call in before the deadline and you should be able to terminate with fees.

If the reps say you can’t, just point them to this blog post, tell them exactly what Marian Hall said and failing that file your complaint with the BBB.

That blog post, by the way, is at

But take action quickly - according to this BBB post, the terms go into effect May 2.
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