Thursday, April 14, 2011

How will your boss respond if you enforce corporate policy?

It sounds like a dream job. You're hired by a company that everyone is talking about. But within a month, "doing your job" results in your having to take action against your bosses...your very influential bosses. Mediabistro cites a Guardian article about Del Harvey, of Twitter. Perhaps you've heard of Twitter. Well, you almost didn't hear about Del Harvey:

Biz Stone and Ev Williams discovered pretty quickly that Del Harvey was serious about the task they'd set her of putting a lid on Twitter's spam problem. Within a month of her joining in late 2008, she had suspended both of their accounts on the grounds that they seemed to be acting suspiciously ... like spam. Oh, and for good measure she also suspended the head of personnel and Jason Goldman, the head of products.

Luckily for Harvey, Stone and Williams kept Harvey on the job. Perhaps this is because Stone is used to this - his TypePad account was suspended in 2003.
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