Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wanna check the beta of the Empoprise-BI Facebook page?

So anyways, I was reading in FriendFeed and found this item, shared by LANjackal, that linked to a makeuseof post entitled "How To Promote Your Blog Using Facebook Pages."

I have been reluctant to stream all of the Empoprises content into my personal Facebook page, since many of my friends would probably be uninterested in it. But a fan page suddenly struck me as the ideal solution. Makeuseof obviously felt the same:

One of the more effective ways of promoting your blog is to use a site everyone either loves or hates - Facebook. The social networking site allows you to create a page to promote your blog or business - and it’s completely free....

By having a Facebook page for your blog, you can set up your RSS feed so your new posts appear on your fan page. Facebook members can then become a “fan” of your posts and comment on your posts inside Facebook.

In short, you can:

* create a mini community of loyal blog readers inside Facebook.
* encourage them to click through to your blog and sign up for the proper RSS feed.

So anyways, I figured I'd set a Facebook page up, using the handy-dandy instructions in the makeuseof post. As is usual in such situation, I'm using Empoprise-BI as the guinea pig. I've set up a page for Empoprise-BI, and eventually will roll it out to some or all of my other blogs.

I followed the makeuseof instructions, and even though I ran into an error right before confirming my blog import, I was able to recover and set up the page.

At present I've done the bare minimum, so I'm referring to the page as a beta. I plan to check some other pages to see what's possible, then take my page from there. I also welcome your suggestions.

Oh, and the page? It's at

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