Thursday, July 2, 2009

So when will we see reports about THIS outage? (Farm Town is down!)

When Rackspace or Twitter or FriendFeed goes down, a bunch of big names (and some smaller ones) rush-release blog posts chronicling the outage.

I'm not sure if Michael Arrington is going to take the time to report this one:

A Farm Town forum thread chronicles the issue. After a few "I can't get in" posts, the message above was posted by one of the users.

Downtime for Farm Town, the extremely popular Facebook application, has some ramifications for players, because the longer the application is down, the more likely it is that your crops will go to waste. In my case, I have some grapes that need to be harvested in the next 4-5 hours - unless time magically stops in Farm Town.

I'm not the only one who is concerned. @theoriginalkob tweeted:

When the Farm Town app is down, do ur crops still grow? Are my crops gonna go to waste?

She then continued:

Better question: Why am I addicted to fake farming?
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