Friday, July 24, 2009

The fact that I didn't know this speaks volumes

I've previously commented (in a tweet to Mitch Wagner) that a news anchor with the dominance of Walter Cronkite - or, for that matter, Huntley/Brinkley - will probably never happen again in our lifetime. The proliferation of news sources - new over-the-air networks such as Fox, new cable networks such as CNN, and new non-TV information sources - ensures that we will probably never get our news from one person any more.

Which is why I wasn't aware of Walter Cronkite's last gig:

[Cronkite] served as the announcer — the one who said “This is the ‘CBS Evening News With Katie Couric’ ” — for the program he had anchored for nearly 20 years.

I rarely watch the CBS, NBC, or ABC evening news any more, so I wasn't even aware of this.

Incidentally, CBS removed the audio clip after Cronkite passed away. Another end of an era. Be sure to read the New York Times article, which discusses the use of the audio clip and the intent to show the long history of CBS News - a history which, incidentally, predates Cronkite.
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