Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy happy Yum Yum

I previously blogged about keeping employees happy. The New York Times interviewed David C. Novak of Yum Brands, who had some thoughts on the matter.

Q. What are some of the rules of the road at Yum Brands?

A. Our culture is based on the fact that people have an innate need for well-deserved recognition. Using recognition is the best way to build a high-energy, fun culture and reinforce the behaviors that drive results.

When I became president of KFC, I wanted to break through the clutter on recognition, so I gave away these rubber chickens. They were called floppy chickens. I’d go into a restaurant and I would see a cook who’d been there for 25 years and the product was great, so I’d give him a floppy chicken. I’d write on it and tell him his “Original Recipe” was fantastic, and take a picture of him with me. And then I’d give him $100 because you couldn’t eat a floppy chicken. I now give away these big sets of smiling teeth with legs on them for people walking the talk on behalf of our customer.

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