Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh yeah, the FriendFeed API

Long, long ago, when FriendFeed entered their beta process before their major spring release, I began to wonder when the new features would be available to other FriendFeed clients, such as fftogo. Who better to ask than Benjamin Golub, the FriendFeed employee who wrote fftogo? So, I asked on April 24:

Benjamin, can you say anything publicly about what you will do with fftogo after the FriendFeed beta becomes the standard?

This launched a discussion between Benjamin, myself, and others.

Now, a couple of months later, word breaks out about FriendFeed's new API. And people are talking about it. Robert Scoble:

FriendFeed now has the ability to track the geo location of an item....

I wonder what Loic (at Seesmic) or Jodee (at PeopleBrowsr) or Ian (at TweetDeck) think about this new API. Does it get them more interested in building in FriendFeed support?

Jesse Stay:

Other features released in the API are the ability to upload almost any file attachment to a user’s FriendFeed stream, access to the powerful (and more than 140 character) direct message features of FriendFeed, sharing to multiple streams at once, and more....

FriendFeed’s API has proven to have potential as a much more flexible option for developers than Twitter’s in the past, and I think they’re proving that with the new features.

As for me, I'd just be happy if I could access my saved searches in fftogo. Now that the API is out, I look forward to Benjamin executing a rework of fftogo in his spare time.

P.S. If you would like to read an account of WHY an API is important, see what Michelle Greer wrote.
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