Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Testing the hemingwayapp

Mark Traphagen mentioned the "Hemingway app" at I figured I'd give it a test by entering the first six paragraphs from this post, since I had written all six paragraphs in question (even the quoted material).

The verdict?

Grade 9 Good

Paragraphs: 6
Sentences: 9
Words: 167
Characters: 731

1 of 9 sentences are hard to read.
0 of 9 sentences are very hard to read.
0 adverbs. Aim for 2 or fewer.
0 words or phrases can be simpler.
3 uses of passive voice. Aim for 2 or fewer.

Incidentally, the hard to read sentence was "Since there will be a limited number of commercials, they can sell for $25 million apiece, and the broadcaster will make a fortune."

P.S. Yes, Mark Feenstra pasted Hemingway into the Hemingway app.
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