Sunday, July 17, 2011

More on the Gould Citizens Advisory Council

A follow-up to a previous post about an attempt to ban - yes, ban - the Gould Citizens Advisory Council.

Needless to say, advisory council people like other advisory council people, and they probably get together and have long conversations about advising. The Arkansas Citizens First Congress has talked about the Gould Citizens Advisory Council, and while the page doesn't talk about the most recent City Council actions, it does discuss what the GCAC has accomplished. This is probably what got the City Council's ire:

GCAC is confronting the city council’s declaration of bankruptcy by bringing in experts to help them create an alternative plan to bankruptcy and loss of city services. GCAC has also taken on the city’s water issues. The distribution of water, the quality of the water and the waste water removal are all below standard because of a water system that is 60% deteriorated. After studying their options, GCAC persuaded city council members to reverse a recent decision and raise the water rates to invest in new infrastructure.
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