Saturday, July 2, 2011

A little more on Loren Feldman's redirection

In a previous post, I mentioned that I visited Loren Feldman's professional website, and was redirected to another website. I subsequently discovered that Feldman abandoned some other online properties as well. Brian Tannebaum wrote about it in January:

When I searched for Loren's twitterfeed, it was gone. This was obviously an issue with my computer, as Loren was an active and entertaining voice on twitter. So I checked again. Gone. This was surprising to me, and I know shocking to others whose entire existence revolves around the twitter bird.

Tannebaum linked to a Feldman post that explained, in detail, why he was withdrawing from some areas of the social media universe. Here are a couple of excerpts:

I just could not believe that nobody else felt the way I did. How is it that nobody else ever spoke up? How is that a two bit comedian, and amateur puppeteer had to be the one? I gave so much more than I got. What I got was my ass handed to me. So much money lost, so much time, so much of myself. Wasted. For what? Nothing, that’s what....

When me and my dear friend Jason Calacanis first met years ago ... [h]e said something to me that I never forgot. “You really care don’t you?” Yeah I did, and then I stopped. I had to.

However, it appears to be inaccurate to say, as Tannebaum did, that Feldman "[said] good bye to social media." Not only does Feldman continue to advise his clients on social media, but he also continues to use it himself. Or should I say herself?

No, that's another Loren Feldman. (Although I'm sure that MISTER Feldman could eventually adjust to Virginia Beach.)

The 1938 Creative guy is still posting videos (here is one of a recent gay pride parade in New York) and is still tweeting. He's just refocusing himself rather than withdrawing entirely.

As the former Ontario Emperor, I can relate.
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