Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Even Facebook is not universal

If you read my blog, you'll see that more often than not I take the attitude that "everyone" is on Facebook. Of course we know that 90% of the world is not on Facebook, but does that really affect us?

It certainly affected Lorenzo Ferrigno when he went to China.

While Skyping with friends back at home, they brought up a rat that had been evading capture in my best friend’s apartment. When I asked what they were talking about, they innocently replied, “Wait—you didn’t see it on Facebook?”

Not in China (although there are ways around every firewall). But perhaps there is a benefit to a Facebook-less world:

Going out in Beijing is different than New York. American students flock to similar nightlife venues, making the city seem much smaller. And it’s refreshing to know a girl I meet hasn’t had an opportunity to scan through my profile pictures, or recently stalk my wall. Gives me an idea of what the social life of my grandparents must have been like.
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